TFG Documentation

A bachelor's thesis on 3D components

by Rubén Chiquin


  1. An introduction
  2. Gallery
  3. Common libraries
  4. Particle showcase
    1. The Shader
    2. Dynamic text
    3. The buffer
  5. TriArt
    1. Loading models
    2. Model visualization
  6. Buckle up
  7. Mirror effect
  8. Talking stars
  9. Halo inspector

About the thesis

The thesis is about the creation of a gallery of interactive applications with 3D components. This documentation will walk you through the different projects that the author worked on, as well as the implementation and the decision-making of all the technological architecture.


As the projects are very visual, the gallery section collects all the projects and preview links to offer at your disposal.

Who is this for?

This thesis’s audience target is everyone interested in knowing more about interactive 3D components for the web. It will be especially interesting for those with technical knowledge of software development and a base knowledge of React.js.


Special thanks to Pau Fernandez for mentoring me throughout the project.